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This is the very first episode of Work From The Road! Welcome to the party. You’ll hear me talk about the reason why I started this podcast, my road life journey (spoiler alert : it's been quite the windy road), and what you can expect this season.

Morgan is a strong believer that death is not a dirty word and is a topic worthy of a conversation. Without giving too much away,  In 2012, Morgan got a call from her dad that changed her life forever. With nothing to lose, Morgan packed up her things and traveled the world, and she’s been on the road pretty much ever since.

In the spring of 2016, Kyle & his partner Portia sold all of their stuff and hit the road in their converted Chevy van. Along the way, they decided to come up with even better versions of the things they love and after their travels, they started Caldera Supply Co., where they are creating and selling the perfect travel towel to like-minded individuals who enjoy living their lives outside.



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